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 Five Facts about Spam

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Guru Penolong Kanan
Guru Penolong Kanan

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PostSubject: Five Facts about Spam   Fri Aug 08, 2008 8:48 pm

These are some facts about spam:

* The term "spam" for numbers of unwanted e-mails refers to the Monty Python sketch set in a cafe where every dish comes with Spam, a tinned meat product, and a group of Vikings chants "Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam."
* Spamming rise is largely due to one malicious computer program or also known as 'worm'. This worm hijacks home computers and makes them send out e mail messages.
* Some commonly used e-mail subject lines:
o Please finalize.
o Thank you for request.
o Christmas Special!
o Dating, 15 new messages for you, Olga.
o News. (Source: McAfee).
* 'Pump and dump' e-mail, a share tipping e-mail scams. Fraudsters buy cheap, little-known stocks and then hype them by e-mail. The share price rises when others invest. The con men then sell their stake at a profit and the price falls.
* Experts urge computer users to install antivirus programs and keep them updated; never to respond to spam e-mail messages and never to reveal financial details.

Keep your e-mail address secure, don't simply put them anywhere especially in the internet, because some people, or some 'thing' will harvest them and spam you. Smile
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Five Facts about Spam
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